Mayumi Itsuwa

Mayumi Itsuwa

Mayumi Itsuwa

January 24, 1951

Nakano-ku, Tokyo, Japan


June: Travels to U.S. to record epoch-making L.P. record at Crystal Sound Studio in L.A California. A dramatic encounter with Carol King creates a new buzz.

September: Launches Mayumi’s own label “UMI”.

October: Releases debut single “Shojo”(Girl) and first album ”

Itsuwamayumi/Shojo(Girl)” from CBS Sony.


April: Travels to U.S. and records again at Crystal Studio.

July: Releases L.P. record “Kaze no nai sekai”.(Windless day)


April: Travels to US for the third time. Makes recordings at Clover Studio in California.

July: Releases L.P. record “Toki wo mitsumete.”(As Time Goes On)

November: Performs a joint-concert with members from an American band, Section.


February: Releases single record “Rakujitsu no theme” which becomes a theme song of a famous TV drama on NHK.

October: Releases L.P. record “Mayumity/Utsuro na Ai.”


December: Travels to France to make recordings.


April: Debuts in Europe with “MAYUMI”, her first album from CBS France. 18th to 30th of April, sings at a concert for Adamo as a guest at Oranpia Theater in Paris.

June: Releases L.P. record “Etoranze” (L'etranger) and comes back temporally to Japan for the promotion of it. Travels to U.S. to make recordings at Fidelity Studio in the suburbs of Los Angeles.

October: From 24th to 27th, after her long stay abroad, gives a first recital at PARCO Theater in Shibuya, Japan. Releases L.P. record “Aozora.”


April: From 5th to 8th, gives a second recital at PARCO Theater.

October: Publishes an essay, “Ugokanai tokei.”

December: Releases her first album in two years, “Nokoribi.”


March: From 2nd to 7th, gives a third recital, “Itsuwa Mayumi ‘79” at PARCO Theater, her eighth career concert. Her Issey Miyake fashion becomes a noticed by the media and is much talked about.

July-August: Travels to France again to make recordings for original L.P. record.

November: Releases L.P. record “Michi.”(Crossroads)


March: 12th to 23rd, gives a fourth recital at PARCO Theater and becomes a long-run.

April: Begins a nationwide Spring tour.

July-August: Travels to France to make recordings for her original L.P. record. August: Releases single record “Koibitoyo.”

September: Releases L.P. record “Koibitoyo” and begins a nationwide Autumn tour.

December: Wins the Golden Award of Japan Record Awards with “Koibitoyo.”


March: Gives a fifth recital at PARCO Theater which lasts for a consecutive 29 stages.

April: Begins a nationwide Spring tour.

July-August: Travels to France for the sixth time to make recordings for her L.P. album.

September: Releases L.P. record “Marionette”.

October: Begins a nationwide Autumn tour.


February: Performs her first one-man concert at Hong Kong stadium.

September: Releases single “Dakishimete (Ai wa yumeno youni).

October: Releases L.P. record “Shiosai” which includes the big hit “Kokorono tomo.”


October: Releases L.P. album “Mado - semete ai wo-.”


January: Gets married on the 11th of January.

March: 24th of March, has a wedding ceremony at a church located in the suburbs of Paris.

July: Releases L.P. album “Atsui sayonara/1984 Itsuwa Mayumi live.” After the release of this album, she takes a temporary break from music until December 5th, 2003


January: Gives birth to her first son.

December: Restarts music career with releasing of her original L.P. album “Kaze no uta.”


April: Releases single “Toki no nagareni -Tori ni nare -”.

May: Performs a one-man concert at convention hall in Jakarta, Indonesia.

September: Releases L.P. album “Toki no nagareni.”

October: Begins a “restart” tour “Autumn tour 86 ‘Toki no nagareni’.”

December: Appears on a nationally famous annual NHK sponsored singing contest with “Toki no nagareni.”


April: Releases single “Soshite sayonara” which becomes the theme song in a Fuji & Kansai Television Network suspense drama.

May: Releases album “Wind and Roses”. Begins a nationwide Spring tour.


September: Releases album “Nostalgy.”


March-July: Completes a Spring concert tour in 50 locations in Japan.


October: Releases her seventeenth original album “Namo naki michi” and at the same time, begins a nationwide concert tour, “Namo naki michi.”


January: Releases “Kokkyo” in Taiwan, her first album that has songs in Chinese.

September: Releases her first best album “Anniversary Eve~Brand-New Best~.”

September: Gives birth to her first daughter.

November, 1: Releases a 20 year anniversary album “Another Face~English Best Selection~” which includes English version of her signature pieces.


May: Performs a concert at Putra World Trade Center in Malaysia. (Sponsored by Japan Foundation / Guest : Sheila Majid)

August, 21: Releases a 20 year anniversary album “The Memorial Album.”

October (to February, 1993): Begins a concert Tour “Itsuwa Mayumi 20 year anniversary collection concert tour '92-'93.”


February: Publishes “Toritachi no uta” a lyrical collection of all her previous songs.

June 21: Releases a 20 year anniversary best collection album “Anthology Vol.1 & Vol.2.”


February 21: Releases CD single, “Kanashimi ni makasete.”

March 4 (to June 21): Begins nationwide tour.

March 9: Releases album “Personal.”


December: Completes recording new album, “21 seiki.” (21st century)


February 1: Releases her 21st career original album “21 seiki.” Releases CD single, “Utakata.” Releases best album, “NOW & FOREVER.”

February 16 (to June 16): Begins Japan Tour.

May 22: Releases CD single, “Koi wa totsuzen ni.”


January 22: Releases CD single, “Toki wa sugite.”


July 19: Releases CD single, “Ai no yakusoku & Kokoro no uta.”


January-February: Travels to LA from January 25th to February 9th to record her new album "Time to Sing," at a home studio. After more than two decades, she reunites with her friend David Campbell who is arranger.

February 20: Releases best album “Itsuwa Mayumi MAYUMI CLASSICS.”

September 19: Compilation album “Japan-Chine Friendship 30th Anniversary Kokoro no tomo” is released, which includes her song “Yume wa toki wo koe.”


April 9: Releases a new album, “Time to Sing.”

August 31: Performs live for the first time in 7 years at Roppongi Sweet Basil.


April 17~18: Performs concert, “Time to Sing with New Japan Philharmonic” for the first time in 8 years at Tokyo OperaCity Concert Hall.

August 8: Performs concert, “Time to Sing - encore in summer” at NHK Hall.


August 24: Releases charty album for Sumatra Earthquake, “KOKORO NO TOMO MAYUMI ITSUWA duet with DELON.”

November 5: Joins as a panelist, “Red Cross Symposium 2005 (about aid Southeast Asia Earthqake and Tsunami).”

December 21:Releases a new best album, “MAYUMI THE BEST ~ KOKORO NO TOMO.”


November 17~18: Performs concert, “Itsuwa Mayumi ~ since Autumn 2006 ~” at NHK Osaka Hall and Tokyo International Forum Hall.


October 31: Releases a new original album, “Welcome” has not released for 11years 10months.

November 7~30: Performs concert, “2007 Welcome home” at 10 places in Japan.


July14: Releases a new original single, “BORN AGAIN”"Hana no you ni" has not released for 9years.

Oct3: Releases a new best album “Lovers & Friends”. 


Oct26~Nov29: Re-start a concert tour for the first time in 17 years.


Jan31: Performs for the first time in Billboard Live Osaka.

Feb4,5: Performs for the first time in Billboard Live Tokyo.

Sep27~Fev5: Performs in Concert tour 2014~2015 “Toki wo mitsumete”(As time goes on)


April25: Performs in Taipei

July4: Appears in TV music program “The Music Day”

July21: Appears in TV music program “Kayou concert”.

Sep11: Awards the diplomatic missions length spot on the Japanese Embassy in Jakarta for "kokoro no Tomo”.

Sep12: Performs at Jakarta-Japan Festival in Jakarta with J-Rocks and Enjuku.

Oct10: Performs at “The Folk concert” in Kyoto Maruyama Park.

Oct2~Mar12,2016: Performs in Concert tour2015~2016 “Koibito yo”.


Mar18: Performs at “Sakura Festival in Halong” in Vietnam with My-Tam.

April2: Performs at Billboard Live Osaka.

April10: Performs at Billboard Live Tokyo.

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